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Our Purpose

The City Church exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ. We believe that true disciples are made and sustained by including the following three core principals into their lives:

EMBRACE the World.


Essential to the life of a disciple of Jesus Christ, is a regular encounter with God. This can and should take place on an individual basis through personal prayer, worship, and devotion. Equally essential is the corporate worship experience. Worshiping with other believers provides disciples an atmosphere of excitement and encouragement, as well as the opportunity to hear the bible taught and respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit. We are a family and should be on the same page, unified in belief and purpose. This is achieved through our weekly corporate worship encounter.


Living for God is challenging. Not because God makes it hard, but because the world is full of temptations and things that can distract us from our faith in Christ. The increasing busyness of our lives makes it difficult at times to pursue God as purposefully as we'd like. If we allow our schedules to eat us up, we can easily find ourselves disconnected from God and from His people.

We offer many small group opportunities so you can build relationships with others while going deeper in the Word together. We call them Engage Groups. It is in these small group settings where meaningful relationships are forged and accountability is established. Some Engage Groups meet for just 5 or 6 weeks. Some meet all through the year. Some are sermon-based, some are topic-based, and some are interest-based. Regardless of your age, stage of life, or interests, there's an Engage Group for you. Visit our Engage Groups page to learn more.


Once we have been built up and strengthened in our faith and have developed a life that pursues God both individually and corporately, the next step is to start giving away the love, joy, and peace that we have begun to enjoy. Imagine a river; if it is not flowing constantly, it gets stagnant and the life within its waters begins to die. The same is true for us. Without a regular outflow of the love of God from us to others, we will begin to become a stagnant Christian.

We offer many opportunities for you to give the love of Christ away through participation in one of our ministry teams. Some of these teams focus on serving inside the church, and others will challenge you to go into our community to serve.